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A Framework for Building Learning Tools

Welcome to the www.tsugi.org project. Its goal is to build a scalable multi-tenant "tool" hosting environment based on the emerging IMS standards to help move the industry toward a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE).

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If you want to see this code actually working, you can play with the online demo:

Please do not use the testing key/secret for anything that is production. The data associated with the key "12345" is regularly cleared off this system without any notification. If you want to use this system as a test, you can log in to this site and request an account to use with your IMS LTI compatible LMS. Here is some LTI 1.0 documentation as to how to use these tools when you have a key / secret:

Here are some documentation pages for this project:

You can join the Tsugi developer's list at

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